Genital Aesthetic

A revolutionary new way to treat vaginismus – a first in Turkey and the world !

Our doctor uses a revolutionary new method to treat vaginismus, the first one in Turkey and
the world. It involves using customizable currents to permanently relax your muscles around
your vagina.

Vaginismus treatment in just two days!

Vaginismus can be permanently treated in just one or two sessions, depending
on the couple.

Treatment options

Vaginismus treatment

Vaginismus (sometimes known as fear of the wedding night) refers to a condition in which the involuntary
contracting of muscles around your vagina either prevents you from having sexual intercourse or makes
intercourse painful.

Vaginal rejuvenation

Vaginal rejuvenation procedures make your vagina look younger and are meant to boost your self-confidence. They can be either surgical or non-surgical.


Labiaplasty refers to a surgical procedure that sculpts your vagina’s inner lips if they’ve lost their shape, form, or even symmetry, or have become dark in color around the edges.


Vaginoplasty (sometimes known as vaginal tightening) removes a certain amount of tissue from your vagina (you won’t lose your sensitivity down there!). Then, the remaining tissue gets sutured to tighten it.

Clitoral hoodoplasty

Your clitoral hood covers the top of your clitoris like a hat. Clitoral hoodoplasty can correct that hood if it is lower or droopier than it should be, or has lost its elasticity and thus looks saggier. If you don’t correct it, not only will your vagina look less esthetically pleasing, but also your clitoris may lose sensation, thus preventing you from having a clitoral orgasm.

Vaginal area rejuvenation

During the rejuvenation procedure, only one injector of adipose (fat) tissue is taken from your abdomen via liposuction (under sedation anesthesia). That adipose tissue then gets processed with special kits and converted into a stem cell-rich rejuvenation cocktail, and then re-injected into your vaginal area.


O-shots (i.e. orgasm shots) involve taking your blood from one part of your body and injecting it into your
vagina’s outer lips, clitoris, G spot, around the urinary canal, the base of the bladder, and/or the your vagina’s anterior and posterior walls.


G-shot is a procedure in which various fillers such as hyaluronic acid and fat get injected into your G-spot (determined via examination), to make it more physically pronounced.

Laser Vagina Tightening

Vagina Tightening involve shooting a laser beam at your vagina in a controlled manner to tighten it. It is a very popular procedure.

Vaginal bleaching

Vaginal bleaching involves using laser to peel and bleach the color of your vagina, bikini line, and inner thighs. Compared to needle-based mesotherapy/bleaching, it is relatively pain-free and moreover involves no foreign substance being injected into your body; therefore it is more popular.

Urinary incontinence treatment(non-surgical)

To treat urinary incontinence, a probe is inserted into your vagina, then laser pulses are shot at your bladder. This procedure treats your bladder that has sagged over time due to a drop in collagen and connective tissue.


Hymenoplasty comes in two forms: permanent and temporary hymen repair. This procedure generally has short recovery periods. With good and careful surgical care, you experience no problems in the postoperative process.


Perineoplasty aims to enhance the appearance of your perineum, as well as ease and even completely relieve pain experienced during sexual intercourse by tightening your perineum up if it looks loose.

Pubic rejuvenation

Your public area is the fat-rich, bump-like and hairy part above your vagina. Fat accumulation and excessive weight gain or loss can cause the area to sag and look unattractive. Pubic rejuvenation corrects that.