Beard Transplantation

As with hair transplantation, hair follicles taken from another area of the body during beard transplantation are transplanted into the problem area in the beard
area and the beards of the person are formed. For sparse beards, men usually want to have beard transplantation.

When beard transplantation, the procedure is performed without any pain sensation under the influence of local anesthesia applied. As with hair transplantation, FUE technique is used here, beard transplantation is performed in an extremely comfortable way. With this technique, hair taken from areas without shedding properties is planted in the beard area to the roots.

If there are regional losses in the person to be bearded, an planting plan is made to adapt to this by evaluating the frequency of beards around. In the absence of a full
beard, between 1000-3000 hair follicles can be planted by adjusting the limit and frequency according to the person’s request. A meaningful expression can be created on the face of the person, albeit infrequently, by planting 400 roots, i.e. a total of 1000 hair follicles, in the area of 100 er roots, jaws and mustaches in the favorite area of a person who is a full corner.

Duration: Beard transplants are often completed in one session, though they occasionally will require two or three depending on how much hair is being grafted onto the face. Each session can take anywhere between two to 12 hours with most lasting under eight.

You’ll need a day to recover from the beard implant surgery. Tiny crusts may form around each newly implanted hair follicle, but these should flake off within a few days. After about a week to 10 days, you should be able to start shaving normally and trimming your new beard.